Thinking Development

Thinking Development is a collaborative, imaginative and sustainable design project connecting a community of nuns, teachers and school girls in downtown Port-au-Prince with a group of designers, documenters and development planners associated with University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction in London. The organisation carries out some incredible work in disaster-stricken Haiti, and it was a privilege to be able to work with them to design and build a bespoke site to match their open design ideals.

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The Offshore

The Offshore approached us in early 2012, wanting to build a website to complement their exclusive-circulation print magazine, a publication which brings financial and legal news to offshore industry professionals and their high-value clients. They needed a site that would enable a user to make a "content-discovery" journey, finding relevant articles according to their interest, and they wanted to prioritise social media integration and search engine optimisation. They also required support for advertisements, and a directory service to list provider profiles.

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Arganic, an exciting startup company who produce one of the rarest oils in the world from the Moroccan argan tree, wanted a website which would promote their product, allow them to connect with customers through news updates, provide a resource for recipes incorporating their unique oil, and (crucially) allow them to sell directly to customers online. They also needed mailing list support.

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All the King's Men

All the King's Men, an all-male a cappella group from London, found themselves in need of a website as their popularity grew enormously during the summer of 2010, shortly before their first successful tour at the Edinburgh Fringe. They wanted to promote the group online, and needed a site for gig listings, promotional image and video galleries, a contact point and an e-commerce function to sell their albums.

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Henley Conservatives Branch

In early 2011 we were asked to build a site for the Henley Conservatives Branch. The brief was to produce a site which was easy to update and which would connect the branch with their constituents, allowing news and events to be posted on a regular basis as well as providing information on councillors and on council candidates for the local elections.

We provided logo design (in line with the UK Conservative Party guidelines) and site design in classic Conservative colours, using bold colour sections for a simple but effective site layout.

The site was built on a Wordpress 3.1 framework.

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The Bar Society of King's College London

The Bar Society of King's College London wanted a site to connect with their members through news updates and promote (and sell tickets for) events, as well as selling society membership online. They also wanted to present a large amount of static information related to careers and the legal profession in general.

We provided a custom site design, based on their existing logo and some of their previous publications. The design included a splash page for first-time visitors to the site, and a custom frontpage theme alongside a clean main layout.

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King's College London Dental Society

King's College London Dental Society wanted a new website to connect with their members, promote (and sell tickets for) their events online, sell society merchandise, and provide information about the society committee and its charitable work.

We built the site to a design brief, integrating social media feeds and creating a custom homepage which highlighted all the site's latest content, as well as providing an events management interface and an e-commerce platform.

The site was built on a Drupal 6.2 framework, with Ubercart integration.

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