Thinking Development

Thinking Development is a collaborative, imaginative and sustainable design project connecting a community of nuns, teachers and school girls in downtown Port-au-Prince with a group of designers, documenters and development planners associated with University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction in London. The organisation carries out some incredible work in disaster-stricken Haiti, and it was a privilege to be able to work with them to design and build a bespoke site to match their open design ideals.

The main objective of their site is to raise funds for their school-building project, but also to educate and inform as well as provide a place to document their process. With a focus on video documentation, visual presentation was key. Not only that, since the project is manned entirely by volunteers, time is at a premium, so the online content management process had to be particularly simple and streamlined. Information needed to be provided for French and Spanish speakers as well as English ones, so the site also required a complex multilingual framework.

We built a custom donation integration module which is tightly integrated to PayPal's Donate API and provides real-time updates on the site of donation progress, as well as building a solid set of informational pages, including a custom "bio filter" to enable site users to understand the project's separate workstreams.

The site is built on the Drupal 7.x and includes a responsive "mobile first" design so that it is usable, appealing and consistent across all devices regardless of screen size.

Linda O'Halloran, Founder and Director of Thinking Development, said:
It was a breath of fresh air to work with Melior Enterprises. They really listened to what we wanted, and delivered a clean product that built on what we had and represented us first time around. Between that and the touch-ups we worked on together, we are super satisfied with the site and the service.