Upbeat Learning

Upbeat Learning is our first project, aimed at school pupils (15-19) and university students. The site has two main sections: Study Mixes and Essays for Charity.

Study Mixes:

Learning. Revision. Study. Memorisation. Whatever you call it, it's often pretty dull.

However interested you may be in a subject, learning material for exams can be very tedious.

At Upbeat Learning we're dedicated to making the process of getting information into your head easier, more enjoyable and more effective.

  • Our boffins prepare the stuff you have to learn and make sure it is of A* quality - relevant, accurate and up to date.
  • Voice actors record this material in a professional studio environment.
  • Sound engineers work alongside DJs to mix these recordings with great music in lots of different genres.
  • You download these extraordinary audio learning tools and use them however you choose, making it really easy (and maybe even a little bit fun!?) to get that crucial information into your head.
  • You get brilliant results in your exams!

It's a simple fact that runners who listen to music when they exercise are inclined to run more regularly and for longer, leading to improvements in their physical fitness. The principle behind Upbeat Learning is just the same: our tracks take the pain out of revision by allowing you to enjoy spending time with examination material. Your confidence and ability to recall information will improve, leading to better exam results.

Use our Study Mixes whenever and wherever you want to: on the bus, walking home, in the gym, even while brushing your teeth. However you choose to listen, we hope you enjoy it. Revision with Rhythm should be absolutely painless, and we want you to love listening to our mixes.

Essays for Charity

Why can't essays do something useful?

Students around the world spend countless hours preparing essays and other work for school, college and university (admittedly sometimes the day before the deadline...) and after they get submitted they usually never see the light of day again.

At Upbeat Learning we think essays can have a life after their submission deadline. We're building up a library of essays and we're getting them to make money for charity. It's a simple idea. We're not an essay farm, and we're not a source for plagiarism. Students can use the essays they see on our site as a source of help and inspiration for their own work, and any revenue generated from advertising or donations goes directly to charity. The essay lives on!